Monday, January 10, 2011

Stages of a page

Having never blogged before, I had no need for progress photos of a page. I have just discovered that I 'accidentally' have a pic of a background of a page that I have now completed. Thought it was a good opportunity to show it off.

I was at a friend's house for a catch-up. She had some beautiful paper napkins on the table with our tea & cake. Well, being an art journaller (one track mind), one is seeing ephemera possibilities everywhere ;) Thank goodness it was a good friend who knows my 'madness' and before I could ask, she laughed and said:"you want that serviette, don't you?" (And gave me a hand-full of course).

Anyway, I created a pink paint background with a view to layer that napkin on it. I really love the imperfection of the wrinkles that form when you peel a layer of a tissue off a 3ply napkin. I then stencilled some sequin waste on top. The page came to a sudden halt. It was too pretty to touch.

A few months later, I was searching through my focal images....and was floored. Here she was! A perfect image for my page (in her Hawaiian sarong, the colour was perfect, love how she faces away). I cut that image from a magazine a very long time ago. She was waiting for that background all that time. I love the magic, the serendipity of the Art Journalling process.

Until next time,
Lena :)


  1. Hi Lena,
    Love your art journal page and your blog. Don't pressure yourself too much to post. I tried to commit to once a week and sometimes that doesn't happen. It's here for your pleasure and ours, not to make you feel bad. Come visit me at mine and I'll be back to visit yours.

  2. great job with this. I love the start of your blog and look forward to seeing more work posted!

  3. Lovely pages! I'm discovering that a blog is a great place to share life as well as art. I think it makes us all feel less alone with what is happening in our own lives when we read about how others are coping with difficult times. I'm glad that your rough patch is ending!

  4. What beautiful pages. I just love it when it comes together like that--having held onto a piece, then finding the perfect place to showcase it.

  5. Lena these are delightful. I love the rich colors and textures that you captured! Wonderful!