Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bit of a break again....Thought I'd check in even though I have not done any art for months :( Life has been getting in the way again. It's been a busy few months. I have had a major creative project that I was obsessively immersed in - my daughter's 14th Birthday party. My creative juices went into overdrive as I discovered the abundance of breathtaking party blogs on the net. I saw this as my last chance to do 'girly' stuff (don't think she'll want a traditional style home party again) so I took my opportunities :) We had a vintage theme with lots of creams, pinks, lace etc. The centre-piece of the party was an Ice-Cream Sundae Buffet. Mum & daughter were very happy with the result. Here is a taste.

Anyway, the after-effect of the party is that I have had no easy access to my art materials. For months prior to the party, I took over the family dining table pretty much permanently. Next to the dining table, I had a trestle table full of art things with boxes underneath with more art things. As I needed both tables for the party, everything got packed away, fairly randomly in boxes which are now stacked up in the study. So now I have a chance to re-invent my art space. Oh how I dream of an art room!....That's not going to happen in this I have to come up with a better solution here. I really like having a clear dining table...but I need to spread out with my art too...What to do?!
It's Sunday tomorrow & I'm planning to re-organise my boxes (the clear plastic, snap lock ones) I'm even thinking of labelling them. Is that too AR? The only solution that I have come up with is to stack them like a modular tower (or 2) in the only available space in the house - the formal lounge. It will be seen from the front door... :/ It is also a much much darker space than my casual dining are at the back of the house where I like doing art. I'm thinking I will set up my trestle table there as a work station with the box tower/s next to it & only have what I'm using for a current project out on the table. Will keep you posted.

Any (cheap) storage ideas are most welcome.
Lena :)

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