Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lucky market find

Spent the morning yesterday leisurely scouring a well known market here in Melbourne, Australia with my 14 yr old daughter. A treasure-trove of junk and lots of fantastic clothes (wish I was young again) ;) All the while I was bemoaning a lack of 'paper items' ie anything I could use as journal fodder or ephemera. Mostly novels & boring books or collectors' items too good for cutting up. Suddenly happened upon a little stall with odds & ends, among which were some hand-made journals. Some of them were made out of Little Golden Books. They were not perfect work - the young woman cut into the spines & inserted some signatures & taped them up fairly roughly with clear tape. They were not what you see really talented ladies are making at the moment on Etsy etc but better than what I could do, and they were cheap! I took all 4 of them.

Photos showing the spine and the inserted signatures interspersed with the original pages.

My first few journals were spiral-bound art diaries. I do love them but the spirals are somewhat limiting & slightly annoying :/ I have since altered a children's board book and my current journal is a 'real book', a hard-cover novel which I absolutely LOVE. There's something mysteriously satisfying about arting up a book... I am really looking forward to journalling in a Little Golden Book. Has anyone tried this? I'm thinking I would only Gesso very lightly over the original pages if at all? Any ideas and tips would be appreciated.

I also made another crazy purchase. Check out this lace drum! That's a lotta lace for a non-sewer. I almost feel guilty. I got all that (an unknown amount) for $10!!! Just to give you an idea of the value, a coffee from a coffee shop here is approx $3.50.
I am excited to have a never-ending supply of cream lace that I don't have to scrimp on. I think I will go on a vintage frenzy in my cards, ATCs and in my journal ;)

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