Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quickie foam stamps

It was a very cold and rainy day here today, I had a day off work, food shopping could wait one more day....only one thing for it - ART!  This was a rare day of luxury, a day just for me....

I watched some videos from my current course "52 Playdates" by the wonderful Jan Fox. Week 7 video was about DIY foam stamps. Jan was using an idea from Traci Bunkers to make very easy foam stamps, with a twist...After watching Jan's and then Traci's original videos, I was excited!

The basic concept is that you heat up foam with a heat gun and press the foam onto an object. I didn't have any flip-flops (or similar foam) to cut up but remembered that I had some smooth foam shapes in my stamp box waiting to be used "one day". I ran around the house madly looking for some small textural objects and got to work.

I now have a small collection of fun stamps that took me literally minutes to make. What fun! 


  1. Oh, I love the cutting-up-flip-flops idea! My boyfriend will be less enthusiastic! He's just found a pair from last year to throw away - when I tell him I want them for my art he's either going to think I've totally lost it or just groan because he's used to my odd "I need that" moments! Great stamps! And I hope you enjoyed your day to yourself - I love random dys off that you get to spend like that!

  2. LOL Rachael! At least we're cheap ;) Our near & dear are used to us mixed-media pack-rats ;) Cutting up flip-flops does seem to be pushing the boundaries a bit ...but what a cool result. That reminds me, I was going to see if I could buy a pair of cheap flip-flops or may be I should wait until one of my kids grows out of theirs...Hmm..decisions, decisions ;)