Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paris Canvases

Have been working slowly on some canvases, adding a layer here & there....Life sure does get in the way of art :/
Finally, after a few weeks, have 2 ready and 2 still in process. At a recent get-away with my family to a coastal town, with time to look around at the many girly decorating and gift shops, I spotted some French-themed serviettes(paper napkins). I have had a bit of an obsession with using serviettes for layering in my journal pages for a while so had to snap them up!

The final result wasn't really what I originally had in mind but I think I like them. I thought the serviettes would be more of a background but ended up having them (or more precisely the Eiffel Tower) as a focal point. I have never used serviettes that had a significant image like this before, usually use patterns, flowers etc Quite a different experience...I was going to use dimensional embellishments and perhaps words of inspiration but felt they were superfluous. I found it a bit hard to know when to stop, just kept adding layers until I felt that I could do no more ...Now that I've let them sit there for a while, I think I like the result ;)

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